Typing or writing?

Typing or writing?

These days a lot is possible when it comes down to publishing your poems. We do a lot of artwork for the articles we publish on our website. The question I ask myself constantly: typing or writing?

Typing or writing?

How about you? Do you own a typewriter? I know a lot of you do and use this typewriter on almost daily basis. I see a lot of posts on Instagram where people used the typewriter to type with. Beautiful examples of how equipment that once was used a lot is now a vintage thing.

My writings I do mostly by hand. I recently bought a memo block and sometimes I take a photograph of the poem straight from this memo block. At other times I use my own photos or stock photos to publish the poems I feel like publishing. And yes, there is the typewriter.

I own two typewriters. The oldest one is a Olympia Carina 1 typewriter. You know, the one that sounds a bell when reaching the end of the line. This typewriter I bought in a second hand shop. The choice was between this typewriter and an obscure brand. A few days later I came across an ad on a website that offers second hand products. This was one for a Brother typewriter. An electric one and a very interesting one.

One can ask the question if I shouldn’t just write on a computer instead of a Brother electric typewriter. Good question! It’s all about the feeling, even when this machine has more automated functions. It even has a floppy drive on board to save work. Yes, a floppy drive… I know…

At some occasions I use other means to publish my poetry. First off all there is my smartphone. I use it a lot to publish photos. I also use my computer to publish my work. Especially when writing long articles, I use my desktop computer or laptop. In this case, for this article, I use a laptop.

If it was up to me, I would really start collecting typewriters. Every typewriter is different. For instance, the font type is different. And the functionalities may vary on different machines. But, since I am married to this scientist who believes that they are catching dust, it isn’t an option. She however collects tea pots, but these don’t catch dust. Of course not.


What does this all have to do with poetry? Well, a lot actually. Writing poetry is all about making choices to start writing and how to start writing. The environment and the ways that you use to write poetry are very important. When it comes down to me, there isn’t a moment I can’t say to myself: I’m going to write. These moments come to me when the time is ready.

Writing poetry isn’t something you must put yourself to. It’s there or it’s not. If there is no way for you to write today, this doesn’t mean you are suffering from writers block. Believe me, I had writers block while being an editor for several of news websites and that was a serious problem.

Poetry is all about feelings. And if you are not feeling up to it, then don’t write! Remember that it’s something you should feel comfortable with.

Other options

Instead of writing poetry, there are other options to consider. One is to start writing without rhyme. The so called free verse option. You can also start writing a short story that includes no rhyming at all.

The last option is to analyse what others did. Reading and maybe writing about these words. That is also a good moment to see how others do it. If you are really brave, you can send us your article about this, we would love to read and publish it. If you want to publish your short stories, there is always The Ministry of the free word.

So, no poetry for me today? I am not sure. It’s Friday and this day has a lot of tasks for me in store. Maybe, maybe not. If not, there is always tomorrow.

To end the articile, let me share a poem written on my typewriter about the music I was listening to.


Walk tall

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