For those of you, who believe we never make spelling errors or typo’s: we do make them! And sometimes these typo’s get unnoticed till the moment of publication. So for everyone who is worried about their own mistakes: we also do this!

It’s our way to show you that we are humans too. We can make mistakes and yes, this is reason to curse. We do our best not to, but it happens.

So, what do you do, when you notice a spelling erorr in your work?



We are not flawless
Our desire to never to without a typo
isn’t always realistic
We check, but not endless
Sometimes we even forget to
Words of power become tragic
or maybe even funny
We do our best, sometimes we ‘re in a hurry
Sorry for those goofs
It proofs,
we are only human too
and mistakes is also what we do!

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