Unanswered messages

Unanswered Messages

To move on is something hard to do at moments. There is really no difference if the person you wrote is dead, doesn’t want to speak to you or is unable to speak to you. Well, there is a difference between life and death. But when it concerns the unanswered messages, there is really no difference. This is about my attempts to get contact, but there was no reply.

Unanswered messages

Unanswered MessagesOn this day, I wrote you a message that I know is going to be unanswered
It is absurd,
For ages and ages I been trying to get you to reply
Long after our final goodbye
Why, I ask myself, is it so difficult not to write?

With every message I type,
I have this false hope
that you will answer me
To let me see,
that you are still there

The answer I get is zip
Unable to get a grip
on this thing inside of me
wanting me to keep on trying
with every unanswered message, there is a part of me dying

Should I write you about my day?
Tell you that I’m okay?
Ignore the fact, that I want to write
that I’m not alright
To not show you, that this all is still hurts so much
it still manages to touch
the place I call my heart,
I don’t want that!

Tears on my i-Pad
How wonderful is that
Tears of yet another unanswered message
holding my thoughts hostage
Oh, if these thoughts only gave me a break
preventing me from making another mistake

The mistake is that every time I write you
there is nothing I can do
About the sadness of something
that will be without any answering

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