Eduardo is from Honduras and he wrote the poem Unbeatable. He is been writing since he was three years old and never stopped writing. Today he writes poetry.

About the poet

My name is Eduardo Lobo, I’m Honduran and I’ve been writing since i was 3 years old because of my grandfather. Writing it’s my way to express everything from anger to happiness, from tears to smiles. I’m in love with the concept of creating something beautiful.

You can follow Eduardo on Instagram where he uses the pen name Wolf (Simplewolf_).




By Wolf

We are flesh and bones
Easily broken with a bat or stones
But stubborned since the day we were born
You can beat us and steal our pride
But you can never take away our  goals
The sun can burn our skin
and the water fill our lungs
But the universe keeps forgetting
that nothing can break our souls
Even in the edge of death
We are the miracles that will never give up

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