Konica Jamal (Koko) was moved at a young age by poetry. She found herself to be able to produce poetry so naturally. She doesn’t know why. This is the poem Ublur by her hand.

About the poet

I go by the name Koko. My friends and loved ones all call me that and since all of my poetry comes from the heart, I refer to myself as Koko in connection to it.

From a young age, I’ve always been moved by poetry and I’ve always been able to produce it so naturally. I don’t know quite why… maybe it’s to do with the rhythm and  sounds. Maybe it’s because of how it’s always full of so much undeniably, raw truth that resonates with every lost soul who can’t speak it out loud.

I find it therapeutic and much of what I write about is inspired by my own feelings of love, happiness, agony, loss and despair. Whilst some is motivated by others situations. For example: depression, bullying, eating disorders, body dismorphia, drug addiction and much more.

You can find the work of Koko on Instagram.


By Koko

I used to see the future so clearly
I used to be so sure
The big dreams I built around me
Made me feel so secure.


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