Unspoken Stories

Unspoken stories

Did you know, there are many ways to submit your poems to us? Keira Aro used Skype to send us het latest poem: Unspoken Stories.  

About Unspoken Stories

Keira told us the following about this beautiful poem:

A poem about the way people convey emotions with their eyes, without ever saying a single word. It’s about the way we fail in trying to hide what’s horrible on the inside. Saying “I love you” through a moment of eyes meeting each other. I’m fascinated by the language eyes use to speak through nonverbal communication.


Unspoken Stories

By Keira Aro

Unspoken stories

Oh how they convey stories never spoken into coarse whispers of desires that always hide from the light of speaking them quietly into…
Depths of reality

Can’t you hear their screams being drowned in pools
That’ll never fall upon the waking world?
Some so empty…
As if I could imagine not a single moment lost
To an introspective thought of this

And, to the passion of something you’ll need to know of, just by seeing a hinting spark

Why is knowing given to a single acceptance in silence?
Look into mine…
Tell of the sights you see residing inside of me
Share what I’m hiding…
In the behind of the below and above my eyelids

As all eyes tell stories…
Share with me, a prolonged staring…
So that we might speak without talking


Many people ask us on daily basis if we could feature their work. That is what we are here for, but there are a few ways to do this.

Instagram Direct

The most used options for poets to get in touch with us is by using Instagram Direct (a DM on Instagram that is). Everyday we receive many forms of feedback and there are many requests for us to publish the poems in our online magazine (our website). Of course you can find us on Instagram: Ministry of Poetic Affairs.

Facebook Messenger

Many of our followers use Instagram to publish their work. Some of them have changed their Instagram profile so, that they can connect to their Facebook page. Facebook, that’s were we are also to find. So, it goes without saying that Facebook Messenger is another used option to communicate with us.

While you are on Facebook, do follow Keira, the poetess who write the poem above. Click here for her Facebook page.


Some of you might think it’s weird communicating with us using Whatsapp. We offer the chance to submit your work using this messenger service. If you are worried about privacy: Whatsapp encrypts the messages you send.


One of the competators of Whatsapp is Telegram. You can contact us using this app or website on your computer. You can find us with the name ministryofpoeticaffairs.


Even more requests for poems that people want to get featured are send the old fashioned way; using e-mail. We offer the chance to submit using a web form on our website. You can find this at https://submit.ministryofpoeticaffairs.org.


We also receive some requests using Skype. We will use this medium in the near future to record interviews!

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