It is almost impossible to choose just one poem written by the talented Rowena. On Instagram, she shares her deepest thoughts through poetry under the pen name Realm of the Raven Poetry. Impossible to choose, because she shares so many excellent poems. Since a choice had to be made, it was the poem We’re all mad here to promote at first.

About the poet

Rowena started writing when she was eleven years old. As she explained, it was to deal with the storms of feeling too much and too deeply.

By sharing my work I hope that my angels and demons brightens up another’s day. whether it is by simply enjoying my writing, feeling a little less alone or find comfort in my words and with that I’m able to turn my own darkness into light. therefore, writing, to me, is the beautiful side of the struggle.

Reading her poems, you will notice that she doesn’t hold back in some of them. Rage, anger, but also positive feelings. And even naughty thoughts are the subject of her poems. Definitely a poetess worth the while to follow on Instagram!

When asked what the title was for the poem below, she told that there wasn’t any. Rowena explained that she is really bad in coming up with the titles. This reminds us, of course, of another poetess we recently covered at our website. The great Emily Dickinson. Dickson also did not use titles and the work of Rowena reminds us in some way of that great poetess. When confronted with that thought she just replied with:

If only.




By Realm of the Raven Poetry

As I am
the mists
now clear
approaches me
and I find
lost and delirious
feels beautifully
away from the
madness of reality
I’d long to spend
drinking tea
frozen at 6. pm
hidden in insanity
lies the truth
of who I am
so down the rabbit hole I go
I may lose my mind
but I will find my soul

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