Untitled by Darieyn Tate Poetry

Untitled by Darieyn Tate Poetry

Sometimes in life you are faced with people who don’t take you the way you are. They judge you for who you are and what you do. What is there to do about this? According to Darieyn Tate, there is a solution.

About the poet

Darieyn wants us to stop conforming to society in order to be unique.

Stop settling for where your at now and go get the life of your dreams!

About the poem

This poem is about the hate you may experience and that it shouldn’t allow that it affects your vision

The poem


By Darieyn Tate Poetry


The haters told me I wouldn’t make it
Now I feel obligated to be the greatest
They tried to tell me I shouldn’t do
Based on what they couldn’t do
Now I’m going hard cuz I got something to prove
I never let their words discourage me
I can do whatever I put my mind to
You could to if you don’t worry ’bout me
More than you worried ’bout you
Get ya priorities in order
Stop puttin in ya two cents
Before you got money for the rent
I wanna thank haters for knocking my grind
I use it as a motivation
To give me strengthened state of mind
Intensifying my desire to shine
I promise Ima prove em wrong
Ima stack my money long
I refuse to stop till I make it to the top
Along the way Ima get rid of all the fakes
I’m only giving out one shot
If you left me in the struggle
You had ya chance but you fumbled
Once a snake always a snake
You never know someone motive when you getting paid
So if you ain’t already struggle with me it’s too late
I can only have the realest at the top
That’s why my circle looks like a dot
I don’t do friends
I only do ride a dies
Got a few bros that’s A1
Been real since day one
I will always remain F.O.E.
They the only ones who strarved with me
You can give up trying to come in between
Our bond is indestructible

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