Untitled poem by Iman Hamid


The poetess Iman Hamid started writing poetry in 2000. She took after her grandfater, a well known Kurdish poet. His work can be found in Iraqi Kurdistan’s libraries.

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About the poet

My name is Iman Hamid.  I’m a British Kurdish living in London. I have inherited my passion from my maternal family as my maternal grandfather was a poet and he has many Poetry books in Iraqi Kurdistan’s libraries.
I have been writing short stories and poems since 2000 but started posting them publicly in 2015. Since then I have created a good connection with other fellow poetess and poetry lovers.

You can follow Iman on Instagram, where she uses the pen name Praying Hand.

About the poem

This poem is a way of looking at our situation and hardships in a different way through the little things we view in life.


By Iman Hamid


Let me write about my spring
morning routine:
Breakfast: I feel that we are like this
egg yolk and egg white that have
been seperated from one another
and burnt out at different heat…


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