An untitled poem about connection through poetry

The Indian poetess Deepasha Kapoor writes lovely poetry. She doesn’t use that many words, but it is fine. She wrote about two people, living in different countries. They are united through poetry. As The Ministry of Poetic Affairs, we can relate to this.

About the poem

This poem tells us about two people, that are united through poetry.

The two talk of earth, of stars, of oceans and it’s depth. They however acknowledge the connection between them and talk the entire night in the language of poetry. Not for once do they, talk like two normal people. That is how their souls intertwined on earth.

At The Ministry of Poetic Affairs we see this happening a lot. Various poets decide to work together and write one or more poems. The feeling of unity is very strong. We see an art form, that is very dynamic and the respect we get by many of you, just for publishing, is enormous. We can only become very happy, when reading such a fine poem as Deepasha wrote!

Of stars they talked,
like rainbow their hearts
one night had brought
two souls together,
from world apart

Deepasha Kapoor

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