Untitled poem about racism

Untitled poem about racism

I’ve struggled for a long time to think of a title for this poem. I couldn’t come up with a title. This is a condemnation of racism. Racism in any way or of any kind is a crime. A crime against humanity. This is an untitled poem about racism.

The poems I write are not always about strong issues. I can write about life, love and whatever is on my mind. This time it is more of a strong message. A message that I am glad I can share through The Ministry of Poetic Affairs.

I wonder, have you ever been struggling with titles? Leave your comments below this poem.

An untitled poem about racism

By Harm

This verse is not about racism
about this extremism
It’s not a protest
or something messed
Who am I?
And why
should I be more
or less
I guess
It’s an open door
Walk on,
walk out
let this poison be gone
then without a doubt
this extremism,
will be done

In case you are wondering, it is a protest against racism. This is my way of saying that this is an important issue, that must be dealt with. In order to make a difference.

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