Under the pen name The Wild Haiku, she writes beautiful poetry. She asked us not to mention her name and we respect this. The poem Upended is about the overwhelming feeling when one is totally in love.

About the poet

I love to write poetry, make art, and help others find beauty and meaning in their lives. I live in Southern California in the United States. Why do I write? I write to clarify my thoughts and feelings – It helps me to cope with life and all its entanglements and confusion. I write to figure out where I am, and what that means.

You can follow this poetess on Instagram, where she uses the pen name The Wild Haiku.

About the poem

What’s it about: The poem is about how overwhelmingly distracting and disorienting it is when one is infatuated.


By The Wild Haiku


I am upended by these moments
Sitting at a stoplight
Thinking of you
Of crushing my body against you
Against a wall
Any wall
Hearts pound
Heavy breath

My nerves respond
Like hot water poured across by clavicle
Liquid heat falling over my chest and down
Over my abdominal skin
The sensation steals my breath
Blurs my vision
And for a moment
I don’t know where the fuck I am

I drive home
On this long downward sloping street
West, towards the water
I can not catch my breath
I can not see straight anymore.


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