Using a typewriter isn't a hipster thing

Using a typewriter isn't a hipster thing

I wasn’t aware, that some consider the usage of a typewriter to be a hipster thing. Actually, I am not aware that I am a hipster at all. Using a typewriter isn’t a hipster thing, believe me. There is more to this.

You could say, that maybe I’m biased. I also use a typewriter (sometimes). There is a good reason for this. I want to express myself in many different ways. The usage of pen (yes, I still use that too) and typewriter, seem more natural to me. Not that using a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone isn’t. It’s just my way to express myself. If I was able to draw, I would have too. Unfortunately, I am not good at that, so that is why I don’t draw.

Focus, focus, focus

When I started writing this article, using my computer, I was distracted after three or four seconds. Checking e-mail, following links that where in the e-mail. Even on a smartphone, there can be a lot of distractions. Distractions that prevent you from riding that creative wave. A typewriter helps me to focus. Focus, focus, focus, that is sometimes what I need. When I am analysing your poems or I am writing my own poems, there is sometimes need to focus. Checking my e-mails, or worse, creating a complete playlist instead of writing isn’t really focussing! But, again, this is me. You might be a different person that me (hopefully).

Power off

When I bought my second-hand laptop, I realised that the ability to write everywhere was already there. In the form of a typewriter. In this case a genuine Olympia Carina 1.

Olympia Werke is a German company that only exists in name since 1991. Before that time, they were well known for their typewriters and calculators. I know this, since I was (again) distracted by searching on Wikipedia. Unfortunately, I was only able to find a German page about this company.

The typewriter I bought in a second-hand shop for € 10, – (that’s about $ 11, -) It came with a box (forgot where that is) and a typewriter ribbon. When you want to buy a typewriter, make sure that you can still buy the ribbon.

So, this Olympia typewriter enables me to write (type) without power. Not that I can use it everywhere. When watching my children play in the backyard, I can use the typewriter. Up to now, I did not receive any complaints from my neighbours.

In an attempt to escape from two busy children in a living room, a few months ago, I chose to use the typewriter once in bed. No, nothing funny – don’t even think about it, just writing. I used a book to support the weight of the typewriter. Not a success! A laptop is a better alternative.

Direct result

When writing on a typewriter, there is a way to see what the outcome is. Directly. With a computer, you must wait for the printer to respond and hope that the lay out suits your creative needs. A typewriter shows direct result.

There are possibly even many more reasons to use a typewriter. These are – for me – the most important. Except, I did not mention one: It looks beautiful!

And your reason?

What is your reason to use a typewriter? Or do you have an alternative?!

Do I have more than one typewriter? No. I also own a Brother typewriter, but that is an electric typewriter. That is also a good one for another blog, the next time!

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