Pritha was honored when we asked her if we could promote her poem Veil. The honor is ours, because it gives us the chance to share such a beautiful poem with the rest of the world. That is what we do!

Pritha in ParisAbout the poet

I am known to this material world as Pritha Ghosh and am settled in Ede, Netherlands. I am an engineer by profession but scribbler by passion.

Why I write?
I  write all that I feel phrase by phrase, word by word, until all my ink paints the canvas of my readers mind with rainbow colours,. So that their soul gets entwined with mine and we can start a new journey to my world.

You can follow Pritha on Instagram, where she uses the pen name Ten of Cups. She writes poems inspired by her life and combines this with places she has been.

About the poem

I was long entrapped by my past.With a veil ,I have covered my face ,so that no one sees my pain. But today, I am determined to let go all my pains and start my journey again. My soul is now unfettered and unbound. I am ready to face the world proudly even with the scars.


By Pritha Gosh


In this new world,
I am finally embarking upon,
making the emotions my chariot wheel,
tearing the coldness of the night,
towards the long awaited sunrise,
Away from the world of rumination and passivity,
relasing the entrapment of my veil,
I am finally carving my path towards light.

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