Rohan Raj is quite the word magician. He combined several languages into one title for his poem: Verlitupia. He does this for a good reason: do describe complex emotions.

Anonist on InstagramAbout the poet

My name is Rohan Raj. I’m a 20-year-old researcher from India. I write because to me writing or any other creative outlet is a form of escape and salvation. It’s how I channel my pain and melancholy. Also, I write because I like the thought my words touching someone’s heart somewhere across the world.

You can follow Rohan on Instagram, where he uses the pen name Anonist

About the poem

I have an unusual hobby of making up words in my past time to describe complex emotions based on real word etymologies. I wrote this particular poem after listening to a really old jazz record and feeling this strong sense of nostalgia that I could not express in words. And so, I decided to make up a word for it because ultimately that’s how languages evolve.

The title of the poem consists of:

  • German: verlangen,
  • Swedish: overlight,
  • Latin: Cupido


By Anonist


The nostalgia for a past not experienced.

Like listening to a dusty, old jazz

record, longing to explore the sights and

scents of a long lost era, the final

remains of which resonate in your ears.

Or looking at childhood photographs of

your parents only to find yourself

longing to live in the world they grew

up in; a world distant yet far more real

than the digital reality of the modern



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