Wait for it

Love can be an emotional process. There can be times, that it’s all about waiting. Even when you are not really in love, there is this waiting. In her poem “Wait for it”, the South African poetess Alexa Fortune tells us about this waiting.

Wait for it
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About Wait for it

Once you realize that you are in love, this can be the start of something beautiful. It all depends on a mutual love. This feeling is something wonderful. Alexa wrote this poem about the different facets of love. All these are just wonderful.

“These include simple daily gestures. Like making coffee in the morning, washing one’s car and having conversations about different genres or moments in time.”

It’s important to remember all of this or to keep in mind that one day this can be “yours.” Something you can really look forward to. It is also the realization, when you aren’t with someone, that this might seem out of reach. Something that is intended for others. Once you’ve found the true love, this can all be yours to keep.

Alexa knows what she writes about. This is the understanding of the unconditional love and that moment when you realize that this is just how it should be.

Although the poem seems ‘light-hearted’, this is a very personal poem and shows us what this poetess thinks is right when it comes to love. We published more of her work on our website and this poem is no exception to the beautiful words she wrote down. This is the result of someone who is gifted with a great talent: to be able to write about deep emotions. To show us that there is always this silver lining.

She wants to point out the importance of the last stanza of this poem:

“The last stanza emphasizes the significance of appreciating that person after having waited so long and finally finding them. This concludes that true love in another needs to be appreciated and cherished after the long wait has ended.”

Wait for it

Wait for it

Wait for it


Wait for the one
who makes you coffee in the morning,
who teases you, but never complains about your snoring.

Wait for the one
who enriches your soul and kisses your back.
One who washes your car and encourages you to improve what you lack.


Wait for the one
who picks you up and opens car doors.
One who loves your imperfections and embraces your flaws.

Wait for the one
who cooks you special dinners.
One who will lie on the couch while you listen to jazz and unconventional genres.

Wait for the one
who feeds your heart, soul and mind.
That will be the one who will tell you stories about different moments in time.

Wait for the one
who loves you the most.
One who looks at you like you’re gold and is never ashamed to boast.

Wait for the one
Who buys you clothes just because.
One whose mission is to protect you from insecurity and woes.

Wait for the one and hold on tightly.
Don’t ever let go of that hand,
for that one should not be taken lightly.

Alexa Fortune



Did you notice that in each stanza there is something that can be considered as negative or unconventional? Alexa turns this around and gives us the positivity. It’s all these factors that determine a true love. The constant repeating of Wait for the one gives this poem even more “power.”

Wait for it
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Wait for it
A poem that is all about the realization that true love has arrived.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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