The Dutch poet Rutger Kopland is not only known for his poems. He was also a writer. He combined this with his work as a psychiater. The poem Wandeling (English: Walk) is about two people watching a changing world.

About the poet

Rutger Hendrik van den Hoofdakker (1934-2012) was the real name of Rutger Kopland. He used Kopland as a pseudonym to write. He followed his education at the Groningen University and read an paper about sleeping disorders. Right after he graduated he began to write. In 1966 his first book was published. Many would follow.



By Rutger Kopland

Our conversations turned slowly
our questions we answered with looking
at the slow world around us

the villages and estates in the deep
the birds almost disappearing in the sky

we sat down and looked at this beautiful
indifference of the world
at the superfluity of our questions.


The original version was written in Dutch.



Onze gesprekken werden langzaam
onze vragen beantwoordden we met kijken
naar de langzame wereld om ons heen

de dorpen en landerijen in de diepte
de vogels bijna verdwijnend in de hemel

we gingen zitten kijken naar deze prachtige
onverschilligheid van de wereld
naar de overbodigheid van onze vragen.

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