Wall of trust

When it comes down to a relationship, trust is a key issue. Trust doesn’t only involve being able to feel comfortable to trust the one you love, it also means that lowering emotional walls is essential. The Dutch poetess Inge wrote a poem about this – Wall of trust.

About the poet


It’s all about creating and sharing when it comes down to Inge. She shares her poems using Instagram. These poems are inspired by her own life.

Inge finds herself to be a person that cares about those she finds precious. Trusting those who she cares about can be difficult for her sometimes. Unfortunately, these walls have been built up because of the things she experienced in the past. Luckily for Inge she found her true love, moved from one part of the country to the other and restarted her life.

Having built up a wall doesn’t mean that she will not let anyone in. That is why she refers in her poem to a key that can be earned.

As for us, we hope that Inge will be able to write poetry inspired by the things in her life and especially when these lead to poems such as Wall of trust.

Wall of trust

By Inge


Wall of trust

She doesn’t want him to break
down her wall.
She wants him to build a door
in it, so she can go out and
in whenever she pleases
(And after time, maybe he
will earn a key).

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