War-Torn Love

The poet writes under the pen name Enchanted Revelations on Instagram. This is the poem War-Torn Love. We featured this poem during the summer months. Unfortunately, there was some mis-communication as it came down to the right name of this poet.

About this poet

Anonymity is something to respect. The poet wishes to uphold a certain anonymity, so we can only tell you that this poet lives in New York (US) and told us the following about the work that is published since February 14 2017:

The words often come to me at different times and are based on current emotions and experiences… Almost everything I done has been written from that point (February 14 2017), with the exception of two poems.

You can follow this poet on Instagram. We helped this poet out with this poem. Since it wasn’t sure, who held the copyrights to the image, we selected an copyright free image.

About War-Torn Love

The poem captures the reader. Especially the line I find no grace in your graveyard, it is just magnificent.

But, what is the poem about?

It is about the and struggles faced by lovers and the destruction and ultimate death of their love.

War-Torn Love

War-Torn Love

By EnchantedSoul

Ideologies confounding
Swarming… surrounding
Ravenous are the wolves at dusk
These shifting shadows
Scores of poisoned arrows
Hailing relentless from above
When the sun does set…
I find no grace in your graveyard
Forever haunted…
by the ghost of our love.

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