The actions of others can be the source of inspiration. In the poem Warrior, the poetess Rks shows us her admiration for the brave women. The poem is based on Afghan women; it also applies to women from other countries.


The poem starts off with a good metaphor: comparing a woman or a group of women to something too powerful as steel. Steel is considered to be unbreakable. In the sentences that follow Rks takes the time, why she thinks these women are made of steel. It is all about not giving up, no matter how hard the struggles are. That makes them true heroes.

In the poem, she mentions those who are covered from head to toe. Not every woman is dressed like that. Still, this poetess believes that those heroes can be found anywhere:


“It’s about women, the brave ones, whether they are from Afghanistan or not. Their daily struggles of living in a war-torn country, where they survive every day.”

Living in a country where torn apart by war is very difficult. Unfortunately, this has become the daily routine for many. As an advocate of the free word, we believe those who live in countries should deserve the credits they should have. That is why we can only conclude that this poem by Rks is a poem that shows that we need to consider them more of heroes. Heroes, who became victims in the countless wars across the globe. It is true, it doesn’t matter if these women are Afghan women or not.


Warrior (جنګيالی)

Is she made of steel?
For she never gives up on living,
covered from head to toe
with the same colour to repeat & repair
she doesn’t know
how it speaks to others anymore.
Hardships and struggles,
perhaps she is the real Hero.

When every phase of her life.
It is more like a stage,
where you walk on fire and charcoal
but she,
she doesn’t feel anything yet still smiles,
carries the death of her dreams but she,
she still hopes for a new sunshine,
for that day when the world hears her silent cries,
when the sky comfort her tears, when she breathes freely.


Article Name
In this poem, the poetess Rks tells us about her admiration for (Afghan) women
Publisher Name
The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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