Was it all worth it?

Was it all worth it?
"Was it all worth it?" a poem written about choices. Choices that you don't have anything to say about.

The feeling of unwillingness of a certain action and having no control over this, that is what the poem Was it all worth it? is about. This poem is written by the poet who uses the pen name M.

About the poet

The only information this poet wanted to share is that the name M is a pseudonym. The reasons not to step forward are complex.

This poet writes because it is just natural.

“I write because it allows me to jump in this another universe where I can be anyone I want. It gives me freedom. “

This poet wants to make a difference, to have an impact on people. Writing is the way to help others.

” I want people to be strong, to not feel alone, honestly I write so that I don’t feel alone.”

About the poem

There are moments in your life, that you have no control over the actions that you were forced to perform. The choice to say yes or no isn’t always something you can make. This was the reason why this poet wrote the poem.


Was it all worth it?

Was it all worth it?

So shall he be worthy of my mouth?
Of my body, of everything that’s warm
Shall he be given the right to ravage the cold?
To burn the night, to tarnish the oath?
To steal a kiss, to force a death
My death, your death, his own death?
So shall I be given the right to own,
To be the master of none but my own.
Shall I be given what’s supposed to be mine,
The warzone is nothing but you and I
My death is your life,
And yet your loss, is my loss
So shall they be worthy of claiming victory of a cold soul in a warm body?
Would it all still be worth?


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