Was it Stardust or your Lust?

Was it stardust or your lust

The Wandering Soul writes poetry about heartbreak. She send us the poem Was it Stardus or your Lust. With this poem, she wants to show her scars to the rest of the world.

About the poet

She calls herself a heartbroken girl. She is determined to show the world her scars and cracks.

And anyone can DM (using Instagram Direct) me if they need any help.. I can do counselling and mind reading. And my past experiences make my pen swirl on sheets, so that’s why maybe I’ve written this.

What the reasons or motivations may be, we wish The Wandering Soul the best of luck and hope you will keep on writing poems like these!

Was it Stardust or your Lust?

Was it Stardust or your Lust?

By Wandering Soul

When you said our bodies were made up of similar stardust,
When you traced stars and galaxies on my body and my naked soul,
When you entered my heart like a strong knight
And saved me from that haunting night,
When you placed your head on my lap and stared me kohl dust,
Was it Stardust or just your Lust?
Was it love or just your Lust?

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