We can write your review!

We can write your review!

So, you are a starting writer and want to know what others think about your work. You also want to profit from some free advertising of your work. Good news: we can do both! Everyone who wants to get their work reviewed, can contact us. We will do the first review for free.

Are we insane?

Oh, for sure we are. There are many websites that offer you the chance to get your work reviewed and ask a lot of money for this. Since The Ministry of Poetic Affairs does things differently, we can offer the first review of your work for free. Not that we charge much money for more reviews. We think our rates are very interesting.

Just a review? Not really! Everyone who wants to get their work reviewed, can profit from free advertising at our website. Not only with the article we write. We also promote your work using a banner on our website. This banner will remain there for a period of 30 days. After the free advertising period is over, you can decide if you want to keep on advertising on our website. You will find our advertising rates very, very interesting (click here to read more).

How much does it cost me?

Good question! We have decided not to charge based on the number of words, but based on what we call categories of words. The following rates apply:



These are the rates starting from June 2017.


What do we need?

Most importantly: the book that needs to be reviewed. We only review poetry books and books related to poetry. Fiction and non-fiction we don’t review.

Furthermore, we want to know more about you. You will receive a question list so we can write some personal information about you. If you are using pseudonym and want to remain anonymous, we can cope with that. Just like we do normally – when promoting the work of poets across the globe.


Are you interested? Then there is only one thing to do: contact us!

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