We love WordPress and how about you?

We love Wordpress and how about you?
Yes, we simply love Wordpress. We use this open source Content Management System (CMS) as the basis for our website. In this article, we will explain why it’s a good choice to use Wordpress for your website.

Yes, we simply love WordPress. We use this open source Content Management System (CMS) as the basis for our website. In this article, we will explain why it’s a good choice to use WordPress for your website.

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WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com

There is a difference between the domains WordPress.org and WordPress.com. Yes, both domains are owned by Automattic. The difference: the Org-domain offers a complete website. If you have your own domain and the ability to install a CMS, then your best choice is the software offered via WordPress.com.

If you have trouble deciding: it’s all explained on this website offered by WordPress.

Let’s assume that you own a domain and you have the possibility to install your own CMS. Then your journey starts. But of all the offered CMS that are made by different companies and projects, why should you use WordPress?


Yes, WordPress is simplicity. No, this doesn’t mean the CMS is limited. If the desired functionality is missing, there is a good chance you will still be able to use this when you install a plugin. We will get to that part later on in this article.

Nowadays, WordPress is the most used CMS. You can read more about this on the website W3Techs. Every day people decide that WordPress is the way to go. You can learn to use WordPress very easy because this CMS isn’t that hard to use. You can benefit from the knowledge of experts that is offered on many, many websites.

Easy installation and management

A WordPress website can be set-up in no time. The whole process doesn’t take more than five minutes. Yes, you aren’t done afterward, because you can customize many things in this CMS. The customization varies from the used layout (a theme) and used plugins (to enhance functionality). After you are done and your website is fully operational, you can rely on the (automatic) updates for your websites. You will be notified whenever there is an update available. These updates aren’t only available for the CMS itself, but also for the used theme and plugins. There are even plugins to automate the process of updating.

Safety first
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Safety first

Let’s assume that you are using a WordPress installation with the right plugin(s) for security (see examples of security plugins at this website). If you don’t have any plugins installed, you really should do this. Yes, WordPress is a fine CMS, but because it’s very popular there are many attempts to hack WordPress driven websites.

In addition to a good functioning security plugin, you need a backup plan as well. Your website is based on software and yes, it can happen that this software crashes. To make sure that you can rely on a recent backup, you need to install a plugin that does the trick: make a backup that you can, later on, restore, if necessary. A list of ten backup options can be found on this website.

Your website, your choices

Yes, it’s your website and you make the choices. The choices of offered functionality and the layout. WordPress has it’s own repository where you can find thousands and thousands of themes and plugins. To view the themes, click here. To view the plugins, click here.

There are also many websites that offer free or paid themes and plugins. Just search for something like “Wordpress themes and plugins” using your favorite search engine.

If you are a programmer, you can also design your own themes and plugins.

WordPress loves social media

Almost every WordPress theme (both free and paid) offer the chance to link to your social media profiles. This is good for your rankings by search engines (part of Search Engine Optimization). But there is good news.

There are many plugins that offer the chance to post your work on social media. We all know it’s possible to push your latest blogs (or poems) to Twitter and Facebook. Instagram seems to be a problem. Not really! There are many plugins that offer the chance to publish your work directly from your WordPress website. And yes, we use this option too!

Be careful what plugin you use to post your work on social media. We use Nelio Content in combination with Buffer to publish our articles (including this one) to social media. The best part: you can do this using the free versions of these platforms too!

All your content!

We publish mostly images on our website. WordPress isn’t limited to the publication of articles and images. You can also include videos and offer a repository with PDF- or Word-documents.

Not convinced yet?

So, after reading all of this, there is a chance you aren’t convinced yet. It’s all good. You want to read more about why WordPress is the right platform to use as a writer. Just use your favorite search engine to find out why WordPress is the best CMS there is.

I don’t own a domain!

No problem! You can always create a free WordPress based website on WordPress.com.


We love Wordpress and how about you?
Article Name
We love Wordpress and how about you?
Why you should use Wordpress as a CMS.

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