What depression feels like

What depression feels like

It’s not easy to cope with a depression. It can lead to a different approach of the normal life. Every day situations, that seem just fine, aren’t for those who struggle with a depression. The poem by Mehwash Saani points out the thoughts that you can deal with. Her thoughts she combined in the poem What depression feels like.

Blessed Despair

Mehwash Saani publishes her work on Instagram, where she uses the pen name Spiked and Spilled. Her work is included in the book Blessed Despair, that was edited by Soniya Kapoor and Amisha Khemka. This book will be available to international visitors of Amazon as from June 2017. As soon as this book is available, you can buy this book through our webshop. For those who live in India, you can buy this book here.

About the poet

She calls herself a vagabond and a rebel at heart. Poetry is her way to express her feelings. With her writings, she hopes to inspire others with her words.

About the poem

Mehwash writes openly about the depression she is facing. This is for the first time in her life that she writes about her personal battle. It was all thanks to an initiative on Instagram under the hashtag #hereforyou. This campaign helps those who are suffering from any mental illness or for those who know people who are struggling with a mental illness. More information is available at Instagram-together.com.

What depression feels like

By Mehwash Saani

What depression feels like

Once grief becomes
An intimate part of your soul
It causes
Your heart to bleed
Your bones to crack
And your mind to become
A heating furnace
With thoughts so bizarre
Yet captivating
Urging you to whirl,
Fall, crawl and drown
Into a giant black hole
Of nothingness
Without ever wanting
To get out of it.


We are not stating that depression goes away by writing. It can help for others to understand what it’s like. Remember that we offer a platform for those who want to share their feelings.

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