What is the best platform to use as a poet?

It’s always nice to be appreciated. It’s also nice, to see more and more people reading your poetry. If you really focus on the number of followers and likes, then you should consider reading this article. If you aren’t, then you should also read this article. We will explain what we think is the best platform to use when it comes to poetry. The outcome might surprise you!


Social media
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For more than a year we have been posting intensely on social media. We used Tumblr (still active, but not in use), Pinterest (active), Twitter (active), Facebook (active) and Instagram. We did our best to attract more attention to The Ministry of Poetic Affairs. This is not only good news for us. It is also good news for those who decide we can promote their work. We saw a fast growth of our public on Instagram. Last Summer we got shadow banned on Instagram (probably due to the usage of certain hashtags) and grew again.

On Facebook, we did not experience a very fast growth over the last year. Mostly because Facebook is Page-friendly when you are willing to pay (extra) for it. We see that many people turned their back on Facebook, as it has become more and more a place that spreads hoaxes and fake news.

Pinterest is still a happy place, where you can find lots and lots of poetry. Instead of following, people re-pin posts of others. That is why we didn’t grow as much as we hoped we would.

Finally, there is Twitter. Yes, we can mention Tumblr as well. But this page has not been updated by us for the last five months. Twitter receives almost daily updates and we see a lot of interaction on our profile page. That is good. Twitter, however, isn’t the nicest place to really display your work. The limitations in text always demand you to post a link to another location. There you can explain what the poem is about and give more detailed information. It helps, however attracting the right people to your website.

So, to conclude: the social media accounts of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs have grown, but not so fast as other accounts. That is probably because we don’t post to post. We publish the articles at first on our website and give more detailed background information (that is why the submission form on our website is so long and that is why we ask more information when you send us a DM on social media). We want to make a difference, that is why we try to provide quality content. This last part is very important.

Let’s assume that you really want to make sure that more people have access to your work, then focussing on one social media account isn’t the right option. Besides that: we saw a lot of talented poets, who do things that really aren’t related to poetry. Some write beautiful words but make the decision to only post selfies at one point in time. The focus shifts from deeply written thoughts too, well amusing photographs. As we are an online poetry magazine, we make the decision to unfollow those accounts. This leads to questions, why we don’t follow anymore. We follow those who are not only interested in poetry but also show that their creativity comes first. There are many of you, who probably won’t agree with this philosophy. It’s still our philosophy.

We also see that a lot of followers don’t want to stick around to wait for more. Unfortunately, we are a project that thrives on volunteers (we need sponsors to pay our writers). Therefore, we cannot always guarantee that we are posting on daily basis. Is this a bad thing? We did before, but this lead to a series of publications without any background information. That is not what we want, that is not what we stand for. Quality is king…. or queen.

We aren’t the only ones who believe in this philosophy. You might have heard about this thing called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without turning this blog into a tech-blog, let’s assume that you know this term, but not the ins-and-outs.

SEO is quite simple: using some nifty tools, you can make sure that your poems will be read more. If you are focussing on social media and you don’t have the access to an own website, there is a chance that your work can be very popular on the social media channel you are using. But that is basically it. Yes, sometimes you can find social media posts in the search results that are displayed via your favourite search engine. It isn’t really the same. Besised, your audience might not feel like visiting those social media channels. Not everyone is a fan of Facebook or Instagram.

Different approach

The Ministry of Poetic Affairs tried a different approach. Instead of directly focussing on social media, we decided to put together a website. Yes, an “old-fashioned” website. There is a good reason for this: a website is indexed by search engines and more people are able to read the work of those who we promote. If someone is really enthusiastic about the work they see, they will click on the social media channel or the website that is listed in this article.

After several attempts to come up with a good solution, we decided to have a go at WordPress. WordPress is the most used Content Management System (CMS) there is. It helps you to get started in no time. You can claim your own domain (as we did) or use a domain that is linked to WordPress.com. We will dive deeper into WordPress as a CMS for writers in this article.

Source: TheDigitalArtist / Pixabay

The fact that you own a website contains links to your social media accounts and uses all sorts of interesting SEO-features makes sure that people are able to find you. This isn’t just limited to companies. There are millions of writers and poets out there, who have their own website.

If you find yourself stuck on what options to consider, we can help:


  1. Decide if a website is a thing for you (based on the information that is included in this article: it should be a “yes”).
  2. Decide if your social media profile is really you (people who search for cats want to see cats, people who search for poetry want to read poems).
  3. Decide if The Ministry of Poetic Affairs can help you set up your website (yes we can!) and contact us for more information.
  4. Make sure that you follow us on social media and our newsletter to stay updated.

What is the best platform to publish your work on? It all depends on what you want. If you are fine with the limitations of your social media channel (remember that the work you are publishing there is sometimes copied or used by the company that provides this service), then your best options are Instagram and Facebook. Why both? Because it enables you to set up a business account (even when you are just a writer). This enables detailed statistics and more.

When you are ready to take a step forward, then you should be considering a website. Between these two choices, there is Twitter. This is a great way to lead people to your publications.


Questions? We are here to help! Contact us for more information!

What is the best platform to use as a poet?
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What is the best platform to use as a poet?
What platform to use when posting your poems?
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