What toxic people do to me

What toxic people do to me

Samreen Khimani is an author and journalist and writes poetry. She shared the poem What toxic people do to me with us.

About the poet


An Aspiring Author and Journalist, Samreen dreams of changing the way people look at the world by what she inks on the paper. For her writing is not just a hobby, but a power that can make a great change in the world. She also works as a content creator on online blogging websites. Join her in her venture by following her @samreenkhimani


What toxic people do to me

By Samreen Khimani

What toxic people do to me

You make me enrage in huge flames.
You give me pain that has no cure.
You pollute me with low self esteem, loneliness and paranoia.
You fill me with remorse in my own existence.
You mentally asphyxiate me into four walls of depression, dread and drown.
You, YOU shoot me while all I ever did was give away pieces of me to keep you happy

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