When the feelings go away

When the feelings go away

There is a chance that you aren’t Christian, but when you read the poem written by the poet Ugosway you will understand what he’s talking about. Even though we aren’t “limited” to one religious belief, we find it important to bring forward messages as these, because they too are the result of a creative process. A process that led to the creation of When the feelings go away.

About Ugosway

According to his Instagram bio, he is an SPSS specialist, guitarist, keyboard player and poet. His first post dates back to 2017. He contacted us on Instagram, asking if we would be so kind to promote his work. Well, of course, we can. Even when you consider that this is a religious based poem. We have no problem promoting poems such as these. We believe that worlds can co-exist and part of these worlds are the various religions in this world. But that is what we believe. How about this poet?

He is convinced that he needs to write. This is his destiny and why is that so? Well, that is because it seems to fit him; it comes naturally for him. In fact, this poet tells us that he simply cannot control this writing. He needs to do this. It all starts with the thinking, that leads to writing and to more writing. “Reorder” these words, as he describes it. When he believes they are “ready”, he shares them with the rest of the world.

About the poem

Yes, it takes some adjustments to read this poem. You might not be a Christian. You might not even consider yourself as religious. Religion, it doesn’t matter which one, plays an important role in poetry. It all started when people in Ancient times started telling each other tales about their gods. To remember them, they added meter and rhyme. Poetry evolved. Sometimes poetry is without meter or rhyme, but still can be inspired by religion.

In this case, religion plays that vital role. Not only in this poem, but in the life of this poet. It’s all about that thing that many dealt with. How to deal with those temptations. In other words: how to deal with the physical aspects of a relationship. What if you were being told that it’s only allowed once you’re married? In some cases, it may even be something that is completely out of the question, according to some. This poem is about his desire for her. Unfortunately, he makes one mistake. He confuses this physical attraction with something even more strong and that is love. Lust and love have different meaning and this poem points us to that difference.

In order to fulfil his needs, he pushed (his) god away and now he is in the stage of remorse.

When the feelings go away


When the feelings go away

When the feelings go away,
Will I say I was right all the way?
When I fall in love, an urge to satisfy a want is born.
A want so strong, God once held dear is pushed away.

Whatever was once true; his laws in my heart subdued.
I am thus a Christian on a break in a fantasy land far away

An urge that sought to see its days,
The pastor’s message can’t take that away.

When love is expressed, as it has been said; sex being love.
With the feelings gone, the cloak off,
Will I say Ugosway, you were right all the way?



When the feelings go away
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When the feelings go away
About his battle with temptations
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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