When will they ever stay together

When will they ever stay together

The poem When will they ever stay together, a poem written by Imalka Kahawita, is about a secret love.

Imalka KahawitaAbout Imalka

Imalka is nineteen years old and lives in Sri Lanka. She not only writes poetry, she loves writing in general. She also draws and does calligraphy.

She started writing when she was seventeen years old. Nowadays she publishes her work on Instagram.

About When will they ever stay together

According to Imalka, this poem is about two lovers that don’t reveal their love to the rest of the world.

They care for each other, feel the love and aspire each other’s fortune. But yet they’re remaining like the sun and the moon . In the same sky , looking forward each other with the love that quivering inside their hearts. No one knows when will they ever talk to each other and stay together.

It’s not everyday we come across the sentence Their halos ramify. Ramify is another way to express feelings of covering or darkening. This sentence is in line with the contrast between dark and light, sun and moon. Yes, this is expressing feelings very, very deep!

Although the rest of the world is unaware of the love between the two of them, there is but one that asks if there will be a chance for them to be together. Secret love or not, someone seems to know, even when it’s just  a star.

When will they ever stay together

When will they ever stay together

By Imalka Kahawita

“When will they ever stay together.
The sun and moon.”
Asked me a star.
I said,
“Their halos ramify
their unconditional love.”

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