Alexander Lawrence Posey

Alexander Posey

Born: 03-08-1873, Eufaula, Creek Nation, Indian Territory
Died: 27-05-1908, North Canadian River, Oklahoma


Alexander Lawrence Posey (mostly mentioned as Alexander Posey) was born as the oldest of twelve children that were born after the marriage of Lewis Henderson Posey and Nancy (Phillips) Posey. His father was from Scottish-Irish-Muskogee Creek descent. His mother was from Muskogee Creek descent. She was a member of the Harjo family and part of the Wind Clan of the tribal town of Tuskegee. As the tradition followed at that time, all the children from this marriage became part of this tribe. As they were part of this tribe of Native Americans, their first language was Muskogee. Their second language was English. However, Posey was punished by his father at the age of fourteen, when he did not speak English.

Posey was educated at Bacone Indian University (Muskogee, Oklahoma) for three years. When he was 23, he married Minnie Harris. This marriage brought forward three children, all named after people their parents considered as important writers: Yahola Irving, Pachina Kipling and Wynema Torrans.

The life of Posey ended abruptly when he drowned on the North Canadian River. He tried to cross this river. His body was discovered a week later.


During the period Posey studied at Bacone Indian University, he began to show interest in writing. He read many books and started writing about his childhood. His first poems were published in Indian Journal as of 1895. He also worked for this journal. This was the same year; he became part of the Creek National Council and director of a Creek orphanage.

The Eufaula Indian Journal was his idea and he founded this journal in 1901. He was the first Native American to publish a daily newspaper. He had one dream: a state for the Native Americans. He became secretary of the Sequoyah Constitutional Convention. The plans weren’t successful but lead to the founding of the state of Oklahoma.

Posey was well-known and respected by many for his critical work. He wrote various satirical essays under the pen name Fus Fixico (Heartless Bird).

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Alexander Posey
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