Anne Kingsmill Finch

Anne Kingsmill Finch
Born: April 1661, Sydmonton (GB)
Died: 05-08-1720, Eastwell (GB)


Anne Kingsmill – later Anne Kingsmill Finch or Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea was born in the month of April in the year 1661. Her exact date of birth is not known. She was a poetess and one of the first women, who got her work published.

She was a daughter of an aristocratic family living in Hampshire. In 1683, she became the court lady of Maria d’Este, Duchess of York and in a later period of her life, the spouse of King James II of England. She married Heneage Finch, who was a courtier. He became the sixth count of Winchilsea.

The marriage was a happy one, based on the writings she wrote for her husband. Her first collection of poems was published in 1701. This poetry collection was followed by another in 1713.


After her death, her work was forgotten. It took nearly a century, for the rediscovery of her work. It was William Wordsworth, who gave her the fame she was entitled to. He included the poem Nocturnal Reverie in his essay Lyrical Ballads in 1801. Essay on Man, written by Alexander Popes, was also greatly inspired by the work of this poetess.

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Anne Kingsmill Finch
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