Winner Poetry Challenge Mother Earth

In November we offered the chance to enter our Poetry Challenge Mother Earth. Now it is time to announce the winner of this challenge!

Winner Poetry Challenge Mother Earth

Relationship: Mother Earth


The winning poem of this challenge is written by the American poetess TAK Erzinger. This poetess wrote a beautiful poem about the world we live in and the things that need to be changed.

There are two sides to this poem. When you read it at first, you realize that there are a lot of things we do wrong as it comes to our planet. If you read this poem better, it states those terrible things. In her last stanza (we will be unable to survive) this poetess takes the time to actually give the advice we need: if there is no change, we will be unable to survive. So, if you read the poem again: she sums up that what is in need of change. This twist makes the poem even more valuable and therefore we consider this poem to be the winner of our challenge.

Relationship: Mother Earth is that poem, which confronts us with our own actions. With those actions, we ignore that we are destroying parts of this planet and maybe even the whole plant. This is a grim outlook, which is downplayed by some, unfortunately.

Other poems

There are good poems, there are bad poems. As it comes to the published poems: we saw some beautiful poetry. Well-written poems that confronted us with the effects of climate change and pollution. Therefore, we would like to thank those who participated in this challenge.

We had to choose one poem as the winner though. If you participated and your poem did not win, there is no need to think your poem wasn’t good enough. We published those poems, we considered as well-written poems during this poetry challenge.

Next poetry challenge

In 2018, we will be hosting another poetry challenge. If you have any ideas about the subject, do contact us! We look forward to your feedback!

And yes, here is the poem:

Relationship: Mother Earth

Relationship: Mother Earth


We cling to you for shelter
and like a greedy lover, we
often ignore your needs,
asking for more than we deserve



taking for granted the abundance
of your beauty and love
secretly hoping you will not
notice, the abuse that we heap



upon you in our day-to-day lives.
We dread the day when
you’ve had enough because
without you,
we will be unable to survive.



TAK Erzinger (Poetry Vagabond)

More about this poem

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