With warm sentiments from India – meet Shubham Jaiswal

With warm sentiments from India - meet Shubham Jaiswal

Starting this Summer, we will take a look in the lives of some of the poets, who publish their work on our website. This time it is the Indian poet and motivator Shubham Jaiswal, who publishes his work under the pen name The Talk of the Heart on Instagram.

Shubham on Instagram

Shubham lives in a country, that he describes as full of different cultures and diversities. This is India. This sixteen-year-old optimist is currently in the Eleventh standard of his school. Optimistic, since Shubham manages to capture the positivity in live through his words of poetry. He has been trying this since he was a child.

I had a keen inclination towards poems and short stories. After reading and exploring the works of various great authors in my early childhood days, I started to rekindle this passion of mine, and started writing articles, short stories and poems when I was in Fourth standard, about Seven years ago. Four months ago, I started The Talk of the Heart, which is my official blog page only on Instagram.

His reason to write poetry has all to do with how he sees the world we live in. Shubham calls this his playground. When listening to music and paying close attention to the lyrics, he started playing with the words. He then was convinced to challenge his creativity and writing his own lyrics.

The experiences during his childhood played an important role during his first attempts to write. He wanted to show the world a side no one had ever seen before. As said, with a positive attitude towards this world we live in. When taking a look at his Instagram profile, it does show a lot of positivity. Nowadays, Shubham still wants to play with words. This isn’t limited to poetry; his beliefs are that feelings and emotions should never be just confined to poetry and verses. Short stories are another way to express his feelings.

Inspiration from others

Like any other poet, Shubham also is inspired by others. To name a few: William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, Robert Browning, Oscar Wilde, Louisa May Alcott and closer to home; Rabindranath Tagore (a poet from India).

I really respect and adore their pieces of immortal masterpieces.

The writings he produces are inspired from the world and the people living in it. There are many different opinions and perceptions. Culture plays an important role in this. Also, the happy and sad moments play an important role in how people look at the world they live in.

Inspiration to write

Shubham gets his inspiration from nature and all that is related to this. This poet is always in search of something to form into a poem. The question about the subjects he doesn’t feel comfortable writing about is answered with a negative. He finds there is no limitation to write.

I strongly feel that every issue in this world, be however dangerous it should be, can be withdrawn from the society by artistically utilizing unfurled the words of wisdom. They say, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword.’ I firmly believe that this philosophy stands true for every virtue of this world.

This strong opinion is one can only support. We sure do. We see a poet, who feels writing is the way to show the world there is more and that there are no limitations when it comes to writing.

My work is fresh and new in front of the audience. I harness my emotions in a way that they perfectly suit the gentry and the audience that has subscribed to my page.
I use words preciously, and in a way that even the purpose is defended in a way that touches the hearts of the readers. I use customized words, tailored actually that are quick for the lips to read and easier for the mind to comprehend.

For those who are thinking about writing, Shubham has a good advice:

Just as my experiences and innate ability to write has built the writer in me, I am strongly influenced by the fact that Every person on this earth is a writer. Every person feels different perspective, feels differently of the same feeling, and conceives differently.

All we need is to use wisely the words and we become a writer. Most of the teenagers tend to record their daily experiences via Diary Entry.

This habit is phenomenal, and I have seen many aspirant writers taking birth with this habit. Bad experiences tend to make us more stronger and alert, and with the help of writing, you know the technique to convey your happenings efficiently. That’s where you help millions of people to heal, and millions of people feel comfortable with their mishaps after you share yours, they get a feeling of strong kinship. Therefore, society in itself is a topic to write, and writing in itself has become a society of millions of confessed emotions.

Therefore, writing not only makes you lighter and reenergizes you, but also removes the burden of guilt above the head of many people. So, take a break from your hectic schedule, grab a diary and start the habit of refreshing yourself, daily.

A good motivation from someone who is just sixteen years old! We believe that Shubham has a fresh view and writes poetry that needs to be shared. We are happy to share his words. But, after this message, he doesn’t stop!

Poets are the drivers of a healthy society powered by words and literature. I would address all the poets, to write for change, write for refreshment and write for peace, write for unity. The main motive of one’s writeup is to touch the hearts and heal the wounds, kill the evil and defend peace.
Poets are and should fight without arms, and should consider words as their biggest ammunition which should be used judiciously and wisely, else words may create or destroy the society. In a hope that all the poets would write something good and worth change, I wish God for the peace and betterment of all the people across the globe. It is not that only I should write good content that would bring change and bring me in the limelight, but at least we should have one person, be it any, should at least write content worth fuelling the wagon of good charm.

What can we add to these words? If you don’t find it in yourself, to see this as an invitation to write, what is?

WritingShubham the writer

When we asked Shubham how he works, when it comes to poetry, he told us there is no fixed time to write. He does this when he feels up to this. Instead of others, who plan their “poetry time”, Shubham writes on different moments.

When he writes, he uses a smartphone. If he wants to write with more words, he uses pen and paper. Although Shubham has never used one, he feels the typewriter is a true instrument to experience the sense of writing at its most.

There comes a moment, the poem or the story has an ending. This ending can be on different moments.

Firstly, I write the content which I purely feel about the content, with no filters and no second-thoughts. After finishing, I alter the repetitions, correct the grammatical mistakes if any, and then proceed to publish my work. In a way, true feelings, raw from the heart are conveyed, which also justifies the title of my page; The Talk of the Heart.

The future… is bright!

Like many others, Shubham is working on his debut as a writer. Next year, he hopes to publish his first book. We can only look forward to this moment.

This passionate writer, tells us that he wants to continue writing and inform others about how to write, while not closing his eyes for what he still can learn. He finds it important, that others are fighters, just like he is. Truth and human kindness are therefore very important for him. We see this in the words he uses. Not only the published ones, but the editorial conversations we had with Shubham are leaning on these values. Values that we can only support and hope will become more important to a larger audience in the future. As for Shubham, it doesn’t have to stop there:

I would write on matters that would once again enlighten the world and restore its lost integrity. In a word, I would aspire to bring a healthy change in the society with my writings and try to etch a positive impact upon the world, so that it would bloom.

He calls himself a writer for the good and hopes that his audience will continue to listen to him. He surely got our attention!


You can find the work of Shunbham on Instagram, where he uses the pen name The Talk of the Heart.

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