With you I'm lost

With you I'm lost

Words keep on swimming around her head and are begging for attention. That is what Rachel Lawrence told her about her work as a writer / poet. She wrote the poem You are a pounding heart.

About the poet

Rachel Lawrence is from Wilmington, North Carolina (US). She has been writing for a good reason. It has to be done, as she explained.

My name is Rachel Lawrence. I have been writing since I was 15 years old. For me writing has always been a must. The words all seem to swimming around my head each begging for attention. For me writing is the only way to silence them and find peace. ❤

The poems Rachel writes are worth the reading. You can follow her on Facebook or Instagram. On Instagram she uses the pen name Stormboxer.


You are a pounding heart

By Rachel Lawrence (Stormboxer)

With you I'm lost

You are a pounding heart,
Overwhelmed by sensation.
The twirling thoughts that strip away my foundation.
A gift from God or the Devils temptations.
My heart’s desire, my souls adoration.


And with you I’m lost


Where are you now? You’re in my thoughts.
You’re all that I hoped for… all that I want.
And with you I’m lost.


You’re the warmth of the sun when you brush my hand.
What love songs are made of.
Hemingway’s pen.
The words on the paper.
The faith in the band.
You crawl through my veins and undo my plans.


A summer season colliding with a tornado.
You’re a million deep breaths at once,
That takes my breath away though.
You’re the butterflies in my stomach.
The words caught in the back of my throat.
The I love you on the tip of my tongue,
the reason I choke.
And with you I’m lost.

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