A battle with food intollerance and problems with food is never easy. Alice decided to write poetry about her struggle. The poem Wither is one of the poems you can find on the Instagram account of Quiet Sincerity.

About the poet

Alice writes under the pen name Quiet Sincerity. She calls her Instagram account an “open journal.” She is also active on Soundcloud. She writes beautiful poetry and publishes some good photos from time to time.

About the poem

At the moment I am struggling with food intolerances and problems with my stomach – I am almost battling with my physical body, physical frustration and pain with my mental and emotional state.




By Quiet Sincerity

My stomach has made my bones weak and
my head drunk
My skin is fragile and my hair is

That doesn’t mean I have

stopped yearning for my soul to come
forth and override this being in my
a demon in my guts

my body will not wither under this

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