The poem Wolf, written by Manya Mishra, is about the moments of anxiety. Manya publishes her poems on Instagram, where she uses the pen name Metaphors & More.

About the poet

Manya is nineteen years old and lives in India.With her poems she tries to reach out to anyone and everyone, as she told us.

About the poem

At nights and in daylight as well, there come times when anxiety creeps in. Everytime stronger than before, vandalising a new part of me. This poem is an outcome of one such time.


By Manya Mishra (Metaphors & More)

Some times it’s out, like a wolf
on a hunt,
Tormenting my soul like the
demons eating from within.
But most of the days,
I bury it deep within me
and act like beauty when
I’m the beast.
Only I feel it unfolding
around me
The cage camouflaging in me
The evil laughter roars in my
throath is not me
The ears that ring with terror
Burn like thunder and

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