Wordless whisper

Wordless whisper

Shubham Goel wrote a poem about guidance. The poem Wordless whisper is about the guidance of someone, by something. That will always keep a watch over on you.

About the poet

This is Shubham Goel. Electrical Engineering Graduate from IIT BHU Varanasi.

About the poem

I tried drawing a parallel between darkness and enlightenment. It’s like one is destined lose oneself, only to find the path of enlightenment.

Wordless whisper

By Shubham Goel

Wordless whisper

Give away everything,
Everything you believe,
And jump!
Into this cosmos, so dark
Only to lose yourself.
When every bit of you,
You had, obliterates and
Nothing but despair surrounds,
Listen to the voice,
A wordless whisper,
Searching for you
From the infinite,
Waiting for you to be lost
Only to find yourself,

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