Words from Pepijn

Words from Pepijn

As one of our followers on Instagram, Pepijn de Wit, often tags us when posting his writings on Instagram. His writings resemble Haiku, a Japanese form of poetry that dates back to the seventeenth century.

A Haiku consists of three lines. When we apply the strict rules of Haiku, the first line contains five syllables. The second line contains seven syllables. The final, third line contains five syllables. But as most poetry, Haiku has evolved. It evolved so that it suits modern times. Haiku is still a very popular form of poetry. Written on daily basis by many poets.

Pepijn de Wit lives in The Netherlands and shares his poetry using his Instagram account. He also writes on his personal blog.

Today I went out,
walking down memory lane
towards the future

Every season
he searches for hapiness
it found him instead

Staring at the screen
a brain making up his mind
an election day

We are interested in your work if you write Haiku! Send us your work!


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