What words will help?

What words will help?

The poem What words will help? is about the war in Syria. Especially the events that took place on Tuesday. The question is what words will help the innocent people in Syria. Will there ever be a solutions to all this violence?

The conflict in Syria started in March 2011. This year the war has been going on for six years. An solution seems miles away. For sure, strong words are used -especially when it comes down to the usage of sarin (gas), but nothing has really been done, apart from bombarding Syria. These bombardments are the end for many innocent lives.

This poem is a protest to the men of power all over the world. Instead of using words and discussing who is wrong and who is right, there are other options to consider.


What words will help?

What words will help?

By Harm

What words will help the innocent,
when their world is falling apart?
Innocent lives taken by another bombardment
They become numbers to fill a chart
A chart filled with numbers
degrading them to borrowers
of paper so white
Scribbled numbers, who’s to count?
How is it going to be alright?
Is it going to be changed by leaders with their paramount
or is it just an I-told-you-so
and turning their head the other way?
Isn’t it time for a more firm “No?”
To reorder things for a new day?
Finally the acceptance,
that there needs to be an ending to this violence?
Or will the adrenaline
keep pumping
to the beat of slowly closing in clouds of sarin?
While even more innocent ones die?
And survivors asking why
the powerful men of this world
are really having the time of their life in a dream world.


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