Working together

Working together

She has been on our wishlist for quite some time now. Finally, she gave us the opportuntiy to promote her work. Not just her work, it’s a co-production of Michelle G and Felix Ayala. This poem shows that working together can lead to a beautiful outcome.

About Michelle G.

Oh yes, there was a very good reason we wanted to feature the work of Michelle for some time now. Simply because what she writes is perfect. Well, perfect in a good way. Not the way she talks about herself. She calls herself a mess. But, one must see that in the right context.

Michelle calls herself a healer, mom, wife, writer … and a mess. She uses her poetry to heal herself and shares her thoughts through her words. Many of the poems she wrote, are based on true events. She considers it to be a great freedom to do this. As we support freedom, we support poets such as Michelle. She has some words for those who follow her on social media (Facebook, Instagram):

I’ve been tremendously humbled by how many have been touched by words, and I am enjoying this ride of self discovery and continuous inspiration, connection and growth. Thank you for being part of my journey 💜

About this poem

It might be a cliché, but the pen is mightier than the sword. Poetry can be very powerful. The line Poetry as Weapon at the end of this poem, refers to the way Felix Ayala (Instagram PoetryasaWeapon) signs his poems. There is a good reason for Michelle to bring up that poet, since she worked together with this poet.

The two poets talked about joining forces, but it took some time for them to do so. This lead to the poem we can now promote.


Your brutal touch
savagely tore my heart
but still, my skin craves it violently
Michelle G. 

I will cover you with unrestrained passion
Leaving you barely breathing
like I left your heart barely beating
Poetry as a Weapon

This poem was published on our website with permission of Michelle.


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