World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day

Every year on March 21nd the world celebrates World Poetry Day. This day was declared by the United Nations organisation UNESCO to promote reading, writing, publishing and teaching poetry. Nowadays this day is celebrated widely on social media.

World Poetry Day

In a world where it’s not always possible for people to express their feelings freely, this day is very important. It states the importance of the freedom of speech.

Before 1999 it was on October 15th when people payed tribute to poetry. This was the day the Roman poet Virgil was born.

In the United Kingdom, this day is celebrated on October 5th.  In the Netherlands, this day is celebrated in January (26th).

Social media

We love social media. We are active on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Social media plays an important role on social media. Take for instance Instagram. When using the hashtag worldpoetryday, you can read what others published on this day.

If you don’t feel like writing today, no problem. Writing (poetry) isn’t something you should force. It is a natural process that leads to the outcome you are happy with. If this is not today, there is always a chance tomorrow.

Our efforts to promote your work by us are not limited by World Poetry Day. On every other day, we take pride that we can promote work of creative minds across the globe. If you want us to promote your work on our website and social media, use this link to submit your work.

If you want to be inspired to write, then take a good look at the poems written by others on this day. There is so much reading to be done!

Write about poetry

Instead of writing poetry, you can also write about poetry. The work of others. We can always use new articles on our website. You can contact us for more information.

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