Written upon reading Genesis 26

Written upon reading Genesis 26

Emilija Blum wrote the poem Written upon reading Genesis 26. This is a poem about the ending of a relationship, that was dominated by abuse. Despite of the abuse, she never stopped to love. Until a certain day, she decided to walk away and not to look back.


Emilija Blum
Emilija Blum
Source: Instagram.

About Emilija

Emilija is 27 years old and lives in Washington DC (US). She works for the government. This enables her to spare some time a day and dream and write. This lead to impressive collection of her creativity. This creativity she combines with photos of her personal life. Take for instance her photos when visiting France.

Emilija in Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
Emilija in Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
La Provence
La Provence
Source: Instagram

Her poems, she writes from the heart. Day dreaming, she calls it. We call it perfect daydreaming. A poetess worth to follow and read more about her life’s story. As the poem concerns, she decided to share her thoughts on what may well be one of the most intense experiences in her life.


About the poem

Officially, there is no title to this poem. Emilija decided upon the title Written upon reading Genesis 26.

For those who are not familiar with the bible, there is a part of this book entitled Genesis. It tells the story about how the world was created. In chapter 26, it tells the tale of the promise that is made to Isaac and the destruction of a city.

The poem was inspired by the holy book for Christians. It tells us the sad story of a woman, who is in a relationship and is abused. What she calls incredibly abusive.

It’s easy to come up with the standard remarks, when hearing or reading of that woman, who is in a relationship with anything but real love. Oh, there was love. She never stopped loving him, she explained to us.

I tried to leave so many times and I always went back to him. When I finally ended the relationship, it was in a way that did not offer me the option to return. I left no path of recognition back to the relationship. And I knew if I went back, if I looked back, it would destroy me. Just like it destroyed Lot’s wife.

It is without a doubt a decision that one can only support. It made it possible for her to dream, write and be a complete and total idealist, as she told us. When it comes to her writings, one can only conclude that she struggled, but in the end made it.

Written upon reading Genesis 26

Written upon reading Genesis 26

I burned the bridge to ensure my escape, to
halt his pursuit, to rid my check of his palm.
But that’s not the whole truth.

I needed a shield of fire. I wanted every road
back to him thoroughly destroyed. I even
imposed a threat for all of my faults:

Turn back and you’ll become
a pillar of salt.

Emilija Blum

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