You and your wicked eyes

The poem You and your wicked eyes (written by Sharuni Nimasha Fernando) is all about that what is there to enjoy, but can’t be enjoyed by the other one, the one you love.

Sharuni Nimasha Fernando
Source: Instagram

About Sharuni

Sharuni lives in Sri Lanka and considers writing as one of her hobbies. She uses her writings, to heal herself. She publishes her work on Instagram.


The poem tells us that she has or had so much to offer. He didn’t realize this. He only saw that what is or was so small: a rushlight (a faint light) instead of sunlight and a paddling pool instead of an ocean. Someone who didn’t realize how powerful and beautiful this love could be or could have been.


You and your wicked eyes

You and your wicked eyes

You had the brightest sun
But you kept staring at a rush light


You had the deepest ocean
But you kept worrying about a paddling pool


You had your luck dressed in front
But you kept saying “I’m the most luckless”

Sharuni Nimasha Fernando

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You and your wicked eyes
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You and your wicked eyes
She saw an ocean, he saw only a puddling pool.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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