You are the art

You are the art

Some consider poetry not to be art. Some consider poetry to be just written words. We think different on this matter. What defines art and, more important, those who think they know everything about art; are they really that well informed? Read the poem written by the Australian Dan Bailey and read why he started writing poetry.

About the poet

When we asked Dan if we could write an article about his poem and his work, he responded like many did the past few months. He was thankful that we could promote his work. But, that is actually what we do: share some of these forms of art from across the globe. This time it’s Australia, for Dan lives there.

Dan is 36 and lives in Townsville. He always enjoyed reading.

Poetry I think has the power to inspire and it certainly inspired me to reflect on myself and grow. What inspired me to write and share my work was reading @j.Warren.welch I think his work is brilliant. Honest, raw, gritty and powerful. Expressing yourself through writing can be terrifying to begin with. However his work gave me the courage to share my writing.

About the poem

This piece I wrote is about that fear in a way, of course you have to be prepared for some criticism of your work that’s the nature of this genre however some of the criticism I see is just too much by people who should know better. I wrote this for those that have been on the receiving end of it and as a consequence have doubted their ability. Art is Art no matter who is doing it and how they are doing it, expressing yourself through creativity in any form is Art and that should be encouraged at all costs, not discouraged.

Well said, Dan! We enjoy the work you post on social media. You can follow Dan on Instagram.

You are the art

By D.Bailey

Art is art

“Art” isn’t really that difficult of a
concept to decipher…
There are those that believe
themselves to be the authority on the
matter and have an odd way of
justifying it.
Just keep in mind…
When these “artists” criticize you or
They have lost all respect for the word “art”

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