You made me strong

You made me strong

The poem You made me strong (by Akanksha Birari) is about the failures in life, that make you fall down. It isn’t the end according to Akanksha.

About Akanksha

Akanksha Birari shares her poems on Blogspot and Instagram. She calls herself a writer, nothing more. She loves writing and this is what sets her free. Free to the core as she tells us.

About You made me strong

Isn’t life all about ups and downs? Akanksha was inspired by a incident in the life of a friend.

I empathised with her,and this was the best way to put it,is what I felt.

The lesson this poetess is bringing forward is to realise that these failures can make you stronger in the end.

A poem to motivate and stimulate. One not to miss!

You made me strong

You made me strong

By Akanksha Birari

Thank You For You Made Me Strong…..

To all those who said no way!
To all those who told me to go away.
All who only chided me,
All who only scorned me.

To all those who broke promises,
To all who shattered my previous demolishes.
Those who were pessimists,
Or those who never spoke good about me and themselves were narcissists.

To all those who pulled or pushed me down,
To those who on me,backed out.
To all those who proved me wrong,
Thank you so very much….
For you all,only made me strong.

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