You & me

There is nothing worse than a one sided love. A love that only exists in the mind of one, for the other one is not interested. Still, there might come a time when this changes. Read more about how Kautilya Nishant keeps on fighting for love. This is the poem You & me.

Kautilya Nishant
Kautilya Nishant
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About the poet

We published work before, written by Kautilya Nishant (click here to see that poem). He is a systems engineer from india and likes to travel the world. He published his work on his Instagram profile and on his website.

About the poem

Let’s get one thing straight: there is no sense in forcing love. Forcing love leads to very dramatic outcomes. There are ways to show your affection for the other, without using violence. Violence is never an option, never!

Here we find Kautilya, he talks about a one-side-love. He is out to convince his love, to forget the wrongdoings of others. This legacy prevents her from loving. The poet, Kautilya, is here to convince her just for one chance. Call this the chance of a lifetime. Or as he puts it:

“A chance to prove that love still exists. A promise that he will help her overcome all her fears. A commitment that he will love her like no one else has ever done. An invitation to be a part of his story. Forever.”

Yes, this is the real fighting. To conquer someones heart. It doesn’t take violence in any way! Understanding is the key here. Kautilya wrote this all down in a beautiful poem.

You & me

You & me

You are you. I am me,
Blistering thunders will never spree;

Cocoon of pain wrapped around us,
Questions our blind, enthralls us;

Fight fight fight, if at all you might.
Maybe the time wasn’t right then, circumstances were too cold,
The warmth you seek, the torch, I am the one who’ll hold..

If not for me, do it for the one who matters you.
But don’t let your fear keep the best of you.

I am me. You are you.
And this could be our story if you choose to continue

Only if you choose to continue..

Kautilya Nishant

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You & me
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You & me
A poem written by Kautilya, about a one-sided-love and his way to convince her otherwise.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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