Your everything and nothing

The poem Your everything and nothing is a plea to be taken seriously. The Slovenian poetess Veronika Sivka takes the stand and shows that she wanted to be everything when it came to love.


She excused herself that this poem was longer than the poem we previously published on our website. Of course, there is never a need to apologise for words such as Veronika wrote.


Your everything and nothing is also about that moment when you realise that you aren’t the right one when it comes to love. This is a conclusion with a great impact.

“We often try so hard to please people we love, but we are still not enough.”

In this poem, Veronika took the time to use some metaphors to show what she felt at one point in her life. This leads to a beautifully written poem, that we are more than happy to promote!

Your everything and nothing

Your everything and nothing

I don’t want to be an eye candy,
Nor a soul food,
I want to be your meaning, your galaxy,
Something to keep you breathless for good.

I want to be something more than that,
Something to keep you up at night,
I want to be your amulet,
Your courage when you fight.

I want to be the last cigarette you smoke,
An answer to your ‘why’
I want to be your best told joke,
Your last wish before you die.

I want to be your dream,
And your nightmare all in one,
I want to be your coffee and your cream,
Your sadness and your fun.

But I already am all of that,
Darling don’t you see?
I am a whole world, your perfect habitat,
You just couldn’t handle me.

Veronika Sivka


The image that Veronika used for her poem was made by Muhammed Salah. The image was used with consent of the creator.

Your everything and nothing
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Your everything and nothing
Her plea to be taken seriously, when it comes to love
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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