Your love

Your love
This poem is written by Thoughts of a moon (JTT).

Under the pen name Thoughts of a moon she writes beautiful poetry. This is her impressive poem Your love.

About the poet

Thoughts of a moon on Instagram

Thoughts of a moon or JTT is a college student, who is about to enter the senior year. Writing is the ability to express herself.

I feel as though my emotions come out freely as I write, pen against paper, or words typed in reflection of my mind. I write to be able to feel things I wouldn’t normally feel otherwise.

This all leads to an interesting poetry collection, that you can find on her Instagram profile: Thoughts of a moon.

About Your love

The Instagram post by JTT immediately catches the attention. Not in the first place of the colour that is being used. These words, spread in two images is about what the reader wants to think of this poem.

This poem reflects someone who is trying to make sense of the thoughts about love. There are many different forms of love that are both given and shown.

It comes to the point of questioning, self-doubt, and realization. And, like I said, I write to understand what I’m feeling, so as of now, I’m still working to get through the piece myself.

Your love

Your love (1)

Your love
Is the fairytale
I’ve been searching for
Built off of images
Of damaged love
Incomplete love
Love without love
Strung together
Along fraying threads
Left to unravel
Into blemished love
Defective love
Love needing love

Pictures never finished
Barely sketched
Shaded over my centuries
Of pained love, love
Afraid to love your love, love
Scared not to love your love, love
Your lolve, it
Resembles a tale
I’ve only glimpsed
Within the current
Of pure love
Unadulterated love
Love without worries love

A taste so sweet
I miss the treads
Coloring in the pictures
Staying withing the lines
Of constant love
Untainted love
Love withing love,
Can’t you see the threads
Into polluted love
Untamed love
Love consuming love?

Your love

Your love (2)

Love, your love
Reminds me of a fairytale
I once dreamt about
Long ago
A love I’m still holding onto
Mending the threads
Bit by bit
So I can forget what it’s like
To feel unloved
Without love
love without your warmth love

Love, please don’t go
And dream with me
A little longer, love
So we can wander
Into a different love
Irreproachable love
A love without question love
Look back without question love
Become a child love
Count the threads with me
A little while longer, love

While we unravel
Whilst fraying
Into something new
And maybe, just maybe
it’ll turn to be true
More than a tale
Reminisce into a fairytale love
Let’s walk onto this path of love
Once more for out love
Love, And hope not to stray.

— Thoughts of a moon / JTT


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