You’re always there

You're always there
If a loved one leaves you, this is difficult. There are those moments when you think about those memories. Little Miss S wrote down her feelings about those flashbacks in her poem “You’re always there.”

If a loved one leaves you, this is difficult. There are those moments when you think about those memories. Little Miss S wrote down her feelings about those flashbacks in her poem You’re always there.

We published work of Little Miss S (and her ramblings) before on our website. This shows, that we are open to the option to promote you as a poet more than once. We believe that good poetry deserves a platform and that is why we do our best to promote as many poets as we can. In this case, it is no problem to share a poem like this. It is relatable to anyone, who experienced a break-up at one point in their lives. A fragile poem, which shows us the struggles that come after this break-up.

You're always there
Comfreak / Pixabay

About the poem

She got her inspiration to write this poem when she woke up. This is all about someone she wants to forget, but there are still these memories. At that moment, she started writing.

It’s not easy to admit, you are thinking of a former lover when you don’t want to. He left her, but she is still experiencing these flashbacks. These aren’t all bad memories. She remembers those nice moments or what she calls fond memories. They shared them together and, judging by this poem, they had a great impression on her life. She realizes that she is here, today, because of him. She cherishes those things she learned from him. All this together, makes it difficult at sometimes. The realization that these are memories and will never return.

It’s so easy to judge someone when a relationship has ended. It’s easy when it doesn’t really concern you. This well-written poem shows us the struggles of someone who knows she has to let go and is confronted with memories so vivid.

This poem shows delicacy, is somewhat fragile. This isn’t a bad thing since the subject is so emotional. To remember those good times she had brings another realization: they won’t come back.

Little Miss S publishes her work on Instagram. She used the option to tag us in this poem. You can do that too. Of course, there is always the option to submit your work using the form on our website.

You're always there

You’re always there

Break of dawn,
You’re one I think of
Divine ray of light over the horizon;
You’re on my mind,
You’re always there,
You left but
What you left behind,
Imprinted forever in me,

Little Miss S and her ramblings

You're always there
Article Name
You're always there
The poem "You're always there" is written by Little Miss S and tells about those vivid memories of an ended relationship.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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