As promised: the winner of the Poetry Challenge Coffee

Sometimes we too have a difficult time deciding who is the winner of a Poetry Challenge. As promised before, we would announce the winner of the challenge held in October. Don’t confuse this challenge with that about fear. We are more than proud to announce that we consider the poem written by Ankit Naik – “Caffeine love” – the winner of this challenge.Read More →

Little bag

When you think of Jane Austen, the books Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and maybe even Sandition (also known as The brothers). She was also a gifted poetess. This little bag is written in the Austen-style; simple, yet meant to think about.Read More →

Love you so hurt me

The poem written by Nikka Ventorillo shows, that it is sometimes hard to combine words with a title. The working title she used for her poem is Love you so hurt me. A poem about how we should look beyond the physical aspects of a relationship and take it to a deeper level.Read More →

Fire and ice

A poem about the recognition and embracement of true power. For there is power in each and every one of us, according to the poetess Prapti Shah. This is her poem “Fire and ice.”Read More →